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Churches and synagogues and other houses of worship offer unique cleaning challenges.  As worship services change in style and content to meet the changing needs of your congregation, your team at CBS will be there to dynamically manage the changes to reduce the strain on your operating budget.  With the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, we are ready to intensify our cleaning and disinfecting services.  With the use of electrostatic sprayers and backpack foggers, we can disinfect large areas quickly and efficiently.  The members of you church can rest assured that they are worshiping in a safe environment.

Many larger churches are more than just houses of worship.  With coffee shops, food services and meeting spaces they are multi-functional facilities.  We incorporate office cleaning, kitchen and restaurant cleaning and the protocol for cleaning public areas with our respectful crews. CBS can augment your existing janitorial staff, or we can offer a complete janitorial cleaning solution for your church with nightly janitorial cleaning service and day porter service. We schedule our team to discreetly clean around the hectic schedule that the needs of your congregation require to maintain a beautiful space for worship.

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