Commercial floor cleaning for carpet, wood, vinyl, terrazzo or marble – there isn’t a floor surface we haven’t cleaned. Each has it own unique cleaning and maintenance needs.   As customers enter your place of business, one of the first things they notice is your floor.  Having a beautiful entrance  sets the stage for a positive interaction.  We work with our customers to ensure the area that is most visible stays looking its best.

Daily carpet vacuuming and periodic carpet extraction is routine work for Corporate Building Services crews. Depending on the size and needs of your property we equip our floor cleaning crews with what they need to clean quickly and efficiently.   Whether your carpet is threadbare or newly installed and throwing off fuzz, we can keep it looking its best.  We equip our crews with back pack vacuums, chariot vacuums and everything in between to ensure your carpets are properly maintained.

Vinyl floors lose their luster and shine with foot traffic and rolling objects that can scratch or mar the waxed surface. Stripping and waxing is part of the periodic commercial floor maintenance that CBS performs in addition to daily mopping and scrubbing, if needed.

Terrazzo and marble floors are a beautiful enhancement to any building, and you want them to POP as guests walk in the door.  Terrazzo and marble polishing need to occur regularly to ensure the shine maintains its brilliance.  And, we work to make sure the floors are safe from slip and fall accidents.

Ask our customers, no other company can maintain the clarity and shine of commercial flooring like CBS. We have seasoned professionals who pride themselves on commercial floor cleaning..

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marble floor care

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