Exciting News… Corporate Building Services receives ISSA’s CMIS & CMIS-GB Certifications with HONORS!


Thanks to you

We recently achieved the ISSA

Cleaning Industry Management

Standard (CIMS) certification

And, the Green Building

(CIMS-GB) certification

…both with HONORS!

What does winstrol tabs that mean

It means

an independent, accredited assessor

has reviewed CBS in 5 key areas:

 – Quality Systems

 – Service delivery

 – Human resources

 – Health, safety, & environmental stewardship

 – Management commitment

Who benefits? YOU do!

These certifications give you the confidence you

are working with a professional, credible, and

customer-focused organization, And, it assures

our customers that we are following the industry’s

most rigid standards and providing you with the

highest level of professional service.


Corporate Building Services is focused on your business.

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Call us at: 866-506-7770, or…

Simply fill out the form on this page to have someone contact you about why our certifications are important to the health & safety of your workplace. In a Covid-19 world it actually matters (a lot) who is cleaning your workplace and their ability to clean it effectively.

Thank You!

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