Corporate Building Services is focused on your business.

Corporate Building Services provides the expertise and skill to meet the challenges of cleaning event venues. Whether it involves cleaning dressing rooms, back stage areas, performance areas or bar and kitchen deep cleaning, CBS will implement a cleaning program to meet your specifications. We clean before each event so performers and their crew can setup and have a space free of clutter and trash. Our crews will setup and break down chairs for audience seating, if needed.

Additionally, we offer prep cooks and stewards to augment any needs for a crew’s personal chef.

After each event we thoroughly clean and remove all signs of an incredible performance – paper, spilled drinks, food residue and trash vanish as our crews perform their magic so you are prepped and ready for the next event.

We understand that last minute changes occur from time to time and our dedicated team will arrive early or stay late to ease the demands placed on your venue. We provide porter service during the show so bathrooms remain stocked with paper products and stay free of trash and odors to enhance the overall experience for your audience.

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