Corporate Building Services is focused on helping you grow your business.

Are you motivated to be more than a company employee?

Do you want to work independently?

Would you like to build a team of employees that can handle multiple properties?

Have you worked in the janitorial cleaning service industry delivering high quality service to your customers?

Partner with CBS as a franchisee and we can launch your path to growth and earnings. We are always on the lookout for motivated people who have that entrepreneurial drive and want more. More responsibility, more independence, more challenge and greater earnings capability.  CBS sources the customers, and our franchisees service those accounts with our trademark quality and exceptional service.

Franchisees at Corporate Building Services are proven leaders.  We offer the tools you need to be successful from the start of your partnership with us.  We help you form your company and advise how to manage your business to avoid the pitfalls that so many new business face.  The initial investment is modest, and we offer financing so your money can start working for you as soon as you start working for us!

Give us a call to discuss how you can become a part of the Corporate Building Services Franchise at 866.506.7770.

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